UPDATE: RIVCHO in Delta SACA HIV/AIDS Program Development Project (HPDP2)

Riverine Communities Health Organization (RIVCHO, is a beneficiary of the Delta State Action Committee on Aids (DELSACA) HIV/AIDS Programme Development Project (HPDP) 2 fund, to improve the well-being of people living positively with HIV/AIDS and Orphans & Vulnerable children (OVC) in Delta state. The HPDP2 is a world bank supported project; supporting Nigeria’s HIV/AIDS response since 2002. RIVCHO also implemented the HPDP1 in 2006 ended 2010.


RIVCHO implemented its third tranche activities across five local governments namely: Ethiope East, Okpe, Udu, Ughelli South and Sapele LGAs in five communities which are Kokori, Adeje, Ovwian, Okwagbe, Elume communities.
During the implementation of the third tranche activities which was from January to April 2016 RIVCHO carried out the following activities.
• With support from community members in the 5 communities, RIVCHO identified and counselled OVCs of which 285 qualified for enrolment and were enrolled.
• Paid advocacy visits to ministry of youth development and to vocational centres in 4 local governments areas to provide IGA and also to 5 health facilities in the 5 local government areas to advocate improved service delivery for OVCs at a subsidized cost.
• Trained 50 caregivers in the 5 communities on how to generate, identify and select business ideas, practice the preparation of a specific, comprehensive business plan tailored to each individual’s entrepreneurial needs among many other things.


• Provided basic care kit (BCK) compromising of soap and Vaseline to 1196 OVCs across 5 communities in 5 Local Government Areas.
• Trained OVCs on life building skills, promoting confidence and well-being in their transformation from teenagers to young adults, aiming to make them become more assertive, communicate effectively with others by developing good listening skills.
• Provided nutritional support for 562 OVCs across Adeje, Kokori, Okwagbe, Elume, and Ovwian communities.
• Conducted public HCT across Adeje, Kokori, Okwagbe, Elume, and Ovwian communities, with the aim of enrolling those positive into the People Living Positive (PLP) program.


The third tranche of the project has been successfully completed without any major hitches, community members and head of households were very pleased with the nutritional supports and thanked RIVCHO and SACA for the support they have given to them.


RIVCHO appreciates Delta State Action Committee on AIDS for the involvement of RIVCHO for the HPDPII HAF project to improve the wellbeing of PLP and OVCs in five communities and also appreciates the community members who assist them during the project.

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