RIVCHO in Delta SACA HIV/AIDS Program Development Project (HPDP2)

Presentation of Educational support material to a beneficiary (OVC)Presentation of Educational support material to a beneficiary (OVC)

Riverine Communities Health & Development Organization (RIVCHO) is among the eight successful Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) implementing the DELTA SACA HIV/AIDS Program Development Project (HPDP2) in Delta State. The HPDP2 is a World Bank supported project; supporting Nigeria’s HIV/AIDS response since 2002; RIVCHO also implemented the HPDP1 in 2006 ended 2010.
The Objective of the World Bank HIV/AIDS project is to assist in reduction in the risk of HIV infections by scaling up prevention intervention and increase access to HIV/AIDS counseling, testing, care and support services in Nigeria.
RIVCHO is implementing HPDP2 activities across five local governments in Delta State namely; Ethiope East, Okpe, Udu, Ughelli South and Sapele LGAs in five communities which are- Kokori, Adeje, Ovwian, Okwagbe and Elume communities.
RIVCHO has achieved over thirty percent of the DELTA SACA HPDP2 first tranche (6 months) activities implementation from July to December 2014. To Increase support and care services to 3,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and 150 Persons Living with HIV (PLHIVs) at community level in 5 LGAs of Delta State.


Within the 6 month of the first tranche activities implementation; the 5 Communities RIVCHO is implementing its activities are in high spirit supporting RIVCHO to achieve the objective of the project by participating in all RIVCHO’s activities for successful achievement. The communities supporting RIVCHO to established Child Protection Committee in all the communities working with RIVCHO to see that the children are fully protected from all forms of abuses.
A total of 2,082 OVCs are currently enrolled and provided with various support and care services across the 5 communities. Such services include providing 548 OVCs with educational materials, 2,082 OVC received psychosocial support and care service and HIV Counseling and Testing service provided to 1,015 children across the 5 LGAs.
RIVCHO has also provided 150 PLPs with prevention and Home Base care services during the first tranche of HAF 2 activities implementation.

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