RIVCHO Attends TAGG Workshop At Owerri.

Following the Annual Learning summit in September 2015, it became imperative that SACE project partners need to develop and deepen understanding of the underlying concepts of Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance (TAGG) due to variable partner capacity to focus on governance-related results. By developing a deeper understanding of the core principles and concepts, applying them in reviewing the issue-specific outcomes that they are seeking to develop and practicing these as well as cross-learning, partners will be better able to deliver key results this project year.



The TAGG (Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance) workshop was held from the 15th of February to 19th of February 2016 at Rockview Hotel Owerri. 
Additionally, there was a 2.0 mindset series on the evening of Tuesday 16th of February at the same venue of the workshop .The 2.0 Mindset Series brings together successful advocates, change agents and development practitioners from all sectors to share their ideas, skills and experiences in order to increase the effectiveness of civic engagement for positive change. With a focus on key drivers of change, the conversations provide insights, tips and enable exchange of ideas that increase collective impact.  Speakers for the series came from across key sectors and provide inputs or perspectives both from the viewpoint of successful interventions and/or setting out expectations of CSO advocates in order to support and popularize (and give grounding) to the 2.0 skills we are working with.

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