RIVCHO’S “Ships For Marps” Work With SFH Enters Phase Two

RIVCHO’s work with Society for Family Health (SFH) on “Strengthening HIV Prevention Services for Most At Risk Population” (SHiPS for MARPS) a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded project has entered its second phase.

In the first phase which effectively ended last December RIVCHO surpassed her target reaching out to over three hundred and seventy Female Sex Workers (FSW) with weekly PeerPlus Sessions and a monthly review session for six months. About thirty Peer Educators were trained to work with their peers and the results were outstanding. A new CBO was mentored for the girls named WAVO (Women against Violence) and it is up & running, partnering with RIVCHO in this second phase. An IPC aspect that targeted Clients of the FSWs also took place for four months during the period. RIVCHO provided the girls a Minimum Prevention Package that is World Class and it includes Structural Intervention, Behavioral Change Intervention and Biomedical Intervention. The girls had easy access to condoms, on-site HIV counseling and testing, unfettered treatment of STIs etc.

RIVCHONEWS salutes SFH for mentoring us effectively, the LACAs in Warri South & Uvwie LGA as well as CIVIL SOCIETY ON THE HEALTH AND RIGHTS OF VULNERABLE GIRLS AND WOMEN IN NIGERIA (CiSHRWIN) for their partnership. Indeed without them we could not have succeeded with the project and move on to phase two. RIVCHONEWS also salutes all RIVCHO staff involved in this all important outreach.

In this second phase, RIVCHO’s target is five hundred and four FSWs in Udu, Uvwie & Okpe LGAs. This time we can do it better and we will!

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