Riverine Communities Health & Development Organization (RIVCHO) has as its mission – providing health care & sustainable community development in the Niger-Delta through partnerships at all levels. RIVCHO’s past activities in health care delivery are well documented in the nation. From free medical outreaches in the islands of the delta, to provision of rain water harvesting tanks in remote locations, free cataract surgeries of hundreds of poor people, to free health care to orphans and vulnerable children, health education and several preventive health care initiative like distribution of Insecticide treated mosquito nets, care and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS, training of village health care workers, training of church leaders on HIV/AIDS intervention, the list appears endless.

So when RIVCHO announced that it was offering free hernia and appendicitis surgeries to a hundred persons in April 2010, people expected nothing less. While our staffers at our MEDICAL CENTRE in Enerhen Warri were busy with triage to select persons suitable for the surgeries, management was working for the success of the program and its funding. It was so successful that the local television & radio station (Delta Broadcasting Service) kept reporting the events almost daily. Several national newspapers (the SUN, Vanguard etc) also carried news reports on the events.

Dr Evans Omatighene led the surgical team informs that there were no complications or adverse effect.

Those who benefited include Mr Sanuibi Ovie a 30years old man from Ughelli and Madam Lucy Udori 70 years Old mother from PTI rd Effurun. Ebhojie Lovely a 27 years old student of the delta State University also benefited. The cases that touched most people most was those of 3 years old Izuagie Daniel from market rd Warri, 5years old Ediri Tejiri a male from Kolokolo and Ovoke Igere 7 years old male from Enerhen. A 26years old male from Bomadi named Perekeme Enginerkeme also benefited. From Okpokunu came Ayenemigha Okobi a 60 years old male.there was also 42 years old Yoyo Peter from Okpokunu amongst many others.

After closing the exercise, several persons who only just heard of the event from the news media thronged our MEDICAL CENTRE for succor. They had not participated in the triage and now need help. RIVCHO hopes to carry out another such outreach soon as funding permits.

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