RIVCHO free HCT in Udu LGA May 2010 (Delta Saca)

The HIV prevalence rate in Delta State in 2007 was 3.7% while the prevalence rate for Udu Local Govt Area is 6.2% making Udu LGA the 3rd highest in the State. RIVCHO put in a proposal to Delta SACA to intervene in Udu and has been given a small grant to ‘promote HIV/AIDS prevention through Counseling and Testing Services in the LGA’ in May 2010. Under this intervention, RIVCHO will pay advocacy visits to Govt and Community leaders in the LGA to get their support. Communities in the LGA will also be sensitized before the offer of free Counseling and Testing Services in their area. RIVCHO targets testing at least one thousand persons during this intervention. The people will be encouraged to know their HIV status and avoid risky behavior

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