RIVCHO excels at CUBS annual DQA

The annual Data Quality Assessment (DQA) of the CUBS project held 3rd to 5th of March 2013 in Delta State. Mrs Uloma Ofole who led the monitoring team has released their findings and RIVCHO is pleased.
RIVCHONEWS will produce the report on the work RIVCHO is doing.

• Documentation is very good. Documents are filed appropriately.
• All but one activity have reports.
• All activities were conducted.
• They have 1 functional and very strong CPC.
• There is a clear indication of community involvement in their activities.

• All assigned targets were met.
• NOMIS data entering is excellent.
• They have a clear documentation of data.
• Data flow is good.
• Source documents are available.

• There is evidence of good accounting procedure.
• The organization uses all recommended financial documents
Cross cutting issues:
• The organization has very impressive working relationship with CPC and community members in Ovwain community.
• Advocacy visits to LGA resulted in the welfare department spear heading the contacting of a child’s biological parent.
• The organization’s problem solving skill is evident in the move they took to get all CPC members of their communities together for exchange of experiences.
• The organization leverages resource to ensure that they go beyond their CUBS scope to provide quality services for their children.

• Getting their children to go back to school. The organization however leverages resources to ensure that children are enrolled and stays in school.
• Caregivers still expect hand outs from CSO.
• CPCs in some communities request for sitting allowances.


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