RIVCHO engages Child Protection Committee members in Peer Education

The USAID funded Community Based Support for OVCs (CUBS) is in its fourth year and RIVCHO is one of the NGOs engaged by the Principal Recipients MSH/Africare to execute the project in Delta State. 1,250 OVCs have been enrolled and provided with care and support by RIVCHO since the project began. Sustainability been a key issue, RIVCHO facilitated the establishment of Child Protection Committees (CPC) in each of the four Communities where the project is been executed. One of these CPCs have done so well that RIVCHO thought about making it a role model to the others. Thus the process of Peer Education among the CPCs began.
First, a get-to-gather of all four CPCs was held at BerryMorr Hotel DSC Expressway on the 30th of January 2013 and members came from Ovwian, Orhuworun, Ohwrode and Aladja Communities. Among others, the President-Generals of Ohwrode and Aladja personally attended. After much merriment, eating, sharing jokes and stories, the Ovwain CPC Chairperson, Mrs Mrs Mary Okpogbe was invited to tell the gathering what makes her CPC tick.
She told of how the Ovwain Community Child Protection Committee (CPC) has mobilized churches, schools and companies within the Community to raise money, books, clothes, food items etc worthy over three hundred thousand naira to support the OVCs during the year 2012. Infact the Community Leadership has also given them financial and material support to help the OVCs. The CPC has taken up issues affecting OVCs with School Heads, Mgt of the Primary Health Care Centre in the Community, extended family members (insisting that the African culture of been our brothers keepers must be respected). Thus the idea of abandoning children whose parents are dead is being fought with vigor ignoring taboos and superstitions. An NYSC corps member living in the community was also brought in to help. Mr Victor Nwabyeye DT/11C/893 had to bring in the MDG Office in Asaba who provided many items for the OVCs including food flasks and school supplies. Olu Tee Engering Company Ltd has also donated to the welfare of the children.
When the others asked her how they manage to achieve all this, she and her members asked ‘who the children belonged to?’ She told her audience that her community will not be a training ground for recruiting future armed robbers, kidnappers and criminals. The secret was in owning the project. The members of the other CPCs promised to imitate the good work been done by Ovwain CPC.
RIVCHO is presently facilitating exchange of visits (during meetings & handling of issues) by the CPCs to learn from one another. It will be RIVCHO’s joy to see these CPCs continue with the project when CUBS is officially ended y USAID MSH/Africare.

CPC dialogue

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