orphans and vulnerable children:

After months of planning, budgeting and resource mobolization, the RIVCHO Chevron Peer Health Educators (PHE) Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project has taken off. In a colourful Christmas get-together for the OVCs and their Caregivers at RIVCHO Conference Hall Enerhen-Warri on Wednesday 21stDec 2011, the children were presented

Rivcho Chevron PHE orphans and vulnerable children

with gifts by the team from Chevron Peer Health Educators. The team included Ndife Victor, Nkwocha Nicholas, Chukwuani Ufuoma, Osadiaye Dan, Ukubeyinje E., Ibe Ojo, Enemigin Victor etc

Chevron Peer Health Educators are a group of staffers of oil gaint Chevron Nigeria Ltd who are passionate about giving back to society by assisting Orphans & Vulnerable Children. These persons voluntarily contributed money from their earnings for this purpose. Their contributed funds were matched naira for naira by their employer Chevron Nigeria Ltd and NGOs from across the country were rigorously screened and eight (including RIVCHO) were selected to implement the project.

RIVCHO is to implement the project by providing educational support in the 2011/2012 acedemic year to 28 primary school OVCs and 30 secondary school OVCs. A Caregiver is also to reciever support for Income Generating activity (IGA). This is expected to be revolving among needy caregivers. A coporate cheque for the sum of seven hundred and forty six thousand naira was presented to RIVCHO during the December ceremony.

RIVCHONEWS appreciates Chevron Peer Health Educators and look forward to many more such partnerships with them and their company. Once again we will over-deliver on our promise.