RIVCHO in ACOMIN Social Mobolization On Malaria Prevention & Treatment Services

Funded by the Global Fund with Society for Family Health (SFH) as Recipient and “Association of Civil Society working on malaria, immunization and Nutrition” (ACOMIN) as sub-recipient, RIVCHO last year undertook social mobilization to bring about increased and informed demand and use of malaria prevention and treatment services and products in seven communities in Ughelli South LGA (Okpare, Ovwor, Umolo, Effurun-Otor, Ekakpamre, Out Jeremi & Okwagbe) having covered every community in Udu LGA.

The project activities included Interpersonal Communication and Drama. Advocacy to community leaders was done and activities were done with the co-operation received from people in the Communities. It was beautiful that this time, the funders added a service provide who accompanied the RIVCHO team providing anti-malaria products side by side RIVCHO’s social mobilization.

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