OVC graduates from Delta State Govt sponsored Skills Acquisition Training

Miss Charity was the head of her home made up of her siblings when RIVCHO enrolled them in the CUBS project in 2011. She was only 13 and cared for four others. Their mother died couple years ago and they lived in a falling mud hut with no mattress, leaking roof and un-plastered floor.

Charity OVC

Thanks to the project, today the story has changed. The children are back in school. Their biological father located and reunited with the children (thanks to the CUBS community child protection committee & the social welfare office).

For Charity going back to school was not attractive. The State Project Officer of the CUBS project did all to ensure that she was listed among beneficiaries of the Delta State Govt Skills Acquisition Training in Asaba.  She did tailoring & bead making. She has graduated and presently awaits the starter-pack which government promised. Meanwhile she is already earning money with her skills in her community.

One life that is changed is worth the effort!

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