Orphans and Vulnerable Children OVC (CUBS) VISIT OSUBI AIRPORT

Among activities carried out by RIVCHO on the CUBS Orphans and Vulnerable Children OVC Project in the last quarter was the excursion to the Osubi Airport organized by RIVCHO for 68 OVCs from Ovwian and Orhunwhorun communities. Members of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) in both Communities as well as RIVCHO Staff accompanied the children who went in two batches.
None of the children had been to an airport in their lives. You could see the thrill in their faces as they were conducted round by airport officials and given lectures about how to become a Pilot, air-craft engineer, air-hostess etc. They were challenged to study hard and pass their examinations as many of they expressed a desire to pursue careers in aviation. The children were also shown round the airport and an air-craft and told how things operate. It was their delight to see planes land and take-off with passengers on board.

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