2012 World AIDS Day Rally

We got the Road Safety, Warri South LACA & Shell Petroleum Development Compnay to partner with us.

Road Safety provided traffic control, SPDC provided T shirts, water, lucozed, and thier medical staff joined us. Warri South LACA provided venue (Council Sect) and made a speech.

Our route was from Shell Ogunu gate thru Ajamimogha, Esisi Rds to the LGA Sect.

Over one hundred and twenty persons were pre-test counselled & tested. Only one person tested positive and was post-test counselled as well as referred to the Heart-to-Heart Centre in Central Hospital Warri

Hundreds of handbills were distributed.

The attached pictures tell the story better.

Together, we will achieve Zero new infections, Zero Discrimination & Zero AIDS related death in our life time.

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