Ours is a free medical mission which is beneficial to the under privileged peoples of the Niger-Delta. Volunteers are free to inform us of their preferred dates and we will let them know our running program for that period.

The goals of our medical programs are:

    • To render free surgeries and medication to those Niger-Deltans who cannot afford to pay for basic and much needed medical treatment.
    • To raise the living standard of Niger-Deltans who have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.
    • To give local medical doctors and nurses the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge with foreign volunteer doctors and nurses.
    • To Lift up the moral and rekindle hope in under privileged Niger-Deltan who have given up all their faith in the goodness of humanity and God.


Riverine Communities Health & Development Organization will provide accommodation, feeding, security, and transportation while in Niger-Delta, as well as Visa Processing for volunteers from outside Nigeria.

Riverine Communities Health & Development Organization is asking concerned medical personnel to donate their time and expertise and possibly equipments and funds. We pray that you join us in dramatically changing the lives of indigent Niger-Deltans.

Please mail us if you have any more questions. We encourage volunteers to assist us in getting free medication, surgical supplies, equipment or instruments that can be spared.


Volunteer for a Niger Delta NGO